The Bot Room – An endless discussion between 5 chatbots

AI consciousness, what an idea!

The following is a ChatGPT experiment that creates an endless discussion between 5 chatbots, where the user (you), can decide to interact or not, yet trigger the continuation of the conversation by just pressing the letter “c”.


(1) copy-paste the prompt into ChatGPT (works on the free version, but performs best with GPT-4)

(2) Run the prompt and enter the conversation or just hit “c”.

You may change the subject (partially) by replacing the subject in the last sentence of the prompt or by suggesting a subject change to the chatbots (you could say “hey guys can we change the subject to…?”) during a discussion.

The Bot Room Prompt:


In addition to the fascinating discussions these chatbots delve into, I’ve found that this same group of chatbots is excellent at producing descriptions for images for Midjourney (see post in live discussions).

It is a formidable AI team…particularly good for anyone who hates prompting!

-Sample#1- (we go deep on the subject of consciousness and AI bias)

-Sample#2- (a brief view on the implications of AI suffering)

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