Introducing: “Emusion”

Freshly.AI’s bespoke music recommendation tool
Heavenly guitar generated from sequential use of three models from to Midjourney v4 and then v5
“Instrumental art” – Gs. Midjourney V5 – prompt instructions

Let and our AI friends suggest your new favorite songs based on your musical preferences.

Discover Music And Your Musi-psyche Type

Enter 3 songs that really make your soul vibrate, in the format of “song name by artist name”.

    Enter 3 songs that you really like and hit enter to see magic!!! Hi! This is an early version of our AI-powered music discovery tool we named “Emusion”…while it learns from your music qualities to discover new music, it gives insights about your music mood. One of many, explore our tools, prompts, tips and extreme limit-testing AI.

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    ♬…AI still can’t do sh*t like this

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    Exclusive pre-release “Control” by The Brighter The Day 
    You heard it first at….these people are real as f*!

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