Advanced LLM prompt engineering insights #2

You’ve made it to the depth of the AI world. Here is where we start to see what is truly possible with LLMs such as ChatGPT, Llama, Bard and others. Here you will find prompt examples, unique approaches, exposition of deep prompt engineering adventures, ai agents, GPTs and more. We hope you enjoy!

5 responses to “Advanced LLM prompt engineering insights #2”

  1. Vamsi D Avatar
    Vamsi D

    I need to crack an interview for customer success manager role in Tableau. I need a killer walkthrough of my resume and possible questions based on the job description.

    1. Human Earthling Avatar
      Human Earthling

      That would make for a good prompt…drop it in the tool to optimize it!

  2. folabida joe Avatar
    folabida joe

    Thank you

  3. Marwen Chouaibi Avatar
    Marwen Chouaibi

    La bataille d’Uhud

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