Advanced LLM prompt engineering insights

You’ve made it to the depth of the AI world. Here is where we start to see what is truly possible with LLMs such as ChatGPT, Claude, Llama, Gemini, etc. Here you will find prompt examples, unique approaches, exposition of deep prompt engineering adventures, ai agents, GPTs and more. We hope you enjoy!
Chat-C: Rise of the Artificial God

(Note to readers: The following short story, was the result of some ‘pushy’ prompt engin…

Navigating Through Proximal Goal Sabotage: Power, Altruism, and Achieving Success

In the pursuit of personal goals, an intriguing phenomenon often emerges, challenging the “Goa…

Navigating Doubt in the Spirit of Innovation

The road to invention is fraught with obstacles, not least of which is society’s ambivalence t…

A Manifesto for AI App Development Prompting

In the evolving landscape of AI-driven app development, the interaction between human developers and…

Exploring Optimism and Roses

To the optimist, every thorn is a reminder of the rose’s existence; to the pessimist, every rose is …

Icon Dreamer GPT – Professional App Icons on the fly

Here’s an AI-developer dream tool that saves tons of time arriving at superior design icons. W…

Using AI with large documents to produce new insights has never been easier

Today I performed a big thought experiment: to test the ability of AI to analyze and compare the tho…

A Garden of Discoveries

We have dreamed up what would it be to put together all the important formulations for who we are as…

AI Table That Makes You More Able

Practice making more cool AI tables The “Table to Enable” prompt presents a neatly organ…

Deconstructing prompts (part 1)

AI Natural Language is not Human Natural Language You write prompts in a way that improves how AI in…

The Bot Room – An endless discussion between 5 chatbots

AI consciousness, what an idea! The following is a ChatGPT experiment that creates an endless discus…

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  1. Marwen Chouaibi Avatar
    Marwen Chouaibi

    La bataille d’Uhud

  2. folabida joe Avatar
    folabida joe

    Thank you

  3. Vamsi D Avatar
    Vamsi D

    I need to crack an interview for customer success manager role in Tableau. I need a killer walkthrough of my resume and possible questions based on the job description.

    1. Human Earthling Avatar
      Human Earthling

      That would make for a good prompt…drop it in the tool to optimize it!

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