Superhuman me – 8 AI tools I just love

Transform your everyday tasks with these AI tools that will make you more efficient and effective at your job.

1. YouTube Summary with ChatGPT (


            • Quickly summarize videos for easy consumption

            • Learn more in less time


            • Requires the use of Google Chrome

            • Summaries may not be perfect

Use case example: Use the Chrome extension to summarize a tutorial video on graphic design. You’ll get the main points and techniques in a concise format, allowing you to learn faster and more efficiently.

2. ChatGPT Exporter (


            • Easily export ChatGPT conversations in HTML format

            • This tool is great to easily share with others your ChatGPT discussions

            • It is a simple button that is added to your ChatGPT


            • Requires installation of Tampermonkey

Use case example: After an informative ChatGPT conversation, use the exporter to save the conversation as an HTML file for future reference or to share with colleagues.

3. WebGPT Browser Extension (


            • Superpowers your ChatGPT with online search capability 

            • Enhance your browsing experience with AI assistance (could be better than Bing if you need the assistant power of ChatGPT which Bing-chat does not provide)


            • Only available for Google Chrome or Edge

            • Doesn’t look super pretty 

            • Can search a maximum of 10 websites at a time

Use case example: Use the extension to quickly search for specific information within a lengthy article or to generate relevant quotes for your research.

4. Illustroke (


            • Generate original vector* art for various applications

                          *vectors (.svg) can be expanded in size indefinitely!

            • Ideal for icons, logos, favicons, etc.


            • Results may vary in quality

Use case example: Create a custom icon set for your company’s website or app using Illustroke’s AI-generated designs. 

5. Brandmark (


            • Another logo generation tool, just that this one allows you to add text and play with many parameters to produce great results

            • Generate unique, AI-designed logos

            • Access advanced editing tools and font options


            • May require some trial and error to find the perfect design

Use case example: Use Brandmark to create a new logo for your startup, saving time and money on professional design services.

6. ValidatorAI (


            • Evaluate the potential of your business ideas using AI

            • As a person with dozens of ideas per week, this tool is extremely good at helping sort out between my “trash” ideas and my good ones. I can’t say enough how using it frees my mind to focus on the good stuff! Make sure to try it out!!


            • Results may not be definitive

Use case example: Test the viability of your startup idea before investing time and resources into its development.

7. ImgLarger (

I probably use this tool every day. The AI-powered image enlarger offered will take any of your AI-generated images (Midjorney, Stable Diffusion, etc.) and allow you to expand its size with amazing accuracy that doesn’t impact photo quality. 


            • Enlarge images without losing quality

            • Access other image improvement tools


            • Results may vary depending on the original image quality

Use case example: Enlarge a low-resolution image for use in your marketing materials without compromising on quality.

8. (


• Upload a whole pdf files, and also from their own database

• Highlight anything on an uploaded pdf and get a simple explanation.

• Ask follow-up questions and get instant answers. Provide a new way to search and find relevant papers without specifying keywords.


• Results may vary depending on the complexity of the text or math.

Use case example: I use this tool often to quickly break down research articles, such as key points or summaries. I use it to directly ask questions about the content in the pdf. Basically, it’s an easy way to gobble up papers.


Lastly, are you into marketing? If so, you must check out this last incredible AI tool!
Through, you’ll even get free trial: (

Benefits: can generate high-converting creatives that are data-backed and designed to convert.

It can produce ad variations without worrying about bandwidth, memory, or size limitations.

It can streamline the process of designing and launching an advertising campaign.

Any limitations? Well, there may be some cases where may not be able to generate creatives that are unique to your brand or optimized for your specific goals and audience.


The world of AI-powered tools is evolving quickly and providing solutions that save us time (and money!), revolutionizing the way we work and live. These few tools, which are among my favorites, are just the tip of the iceberg, but they offer a glimpse into the potential of AI to improve efficiency and effectiveness in our everyday tasks. Give them a try and see how they can transform your work life for the better.

What are your thoughts? What is your favorite AI tool?

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