Prompt Art #1

Stable Diffusion prompt: Create a desolate forest, flowers, birds, with bright colors and soft curves, turquoise, flowing brushstrokes, with small touches of contrasting color that create a sense of shimmering light and movement, realism, intricate patterns, dark lines to create depth and contrast, metallic leaf, shimmering quality, fantastical scene, surreal imagery, in the styles of of Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Johannes Vermeer and Alex Grey.

This unique combination of artists, styles, natural elements and light-color descriptions, gives life to lively enchanting and mesmerizing creative art visualizations.

2 responses to “Prompt Art #1”

  1. Marta Avatar

    Super creative. Love it!!

    1. Avatar

      Thanks!! You can try this exact same prompt and generate some more really cool and unique art! Check out

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