What-A-Prompt !

Welcome to “What A Prompt” – your go-to tool for generating creative and enhanced prompts to achieve the best ChatGPT (or Gemini or Claude or HuggingChat, etc.) results!

Designed as a quick and easy-to-use prompt optimizer…just select your prompt enhancer method, type in your prompt and hit generate!



We provide two classifications: green buttons vs. purple buttons

The green buttons are your options to optimize for text generation applications, such as ChatGPT, Gemini, Claude, HuggingChat, etc.

Purple buttons are options (beta versions) to help enhance prompts for text-to-image generation, such as Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and others.

Your 7 flavors

Prompt_Wolfe will give you a “crazy cool” perspective of your prompts. So if you are looking for something highly creative and original, this is it.

Prompt_Enhancer (most recommended) is our most beloved setting, designed to provide you highly detailed, context rich and powerful prompt enhancement to ensure the best results with any LLM.

Prompt_SciEnhancer is designed to provide you prompt enhancement emphasizing scientific rigor and evidence-based perspective in your prompts.

The Text_Elaborator is a simple text enricher (more verbs and adverbs). This could be useful to give you a slightly more elaborate and rich wording of your input statement.

Text_Visions is a text enricher that particularly enhances visual context 👁aspects, thus it is geared for uses in text-to-image generators (and poetry? ✏️)

MaxVisual and VisDistort are settings designed for visuals (e.g., Midjourney prompts), basically to enhance or distort text-to-image generator outputs, respectively. These settings add artists names particularly suited to the subject of your prompt, yet you can edit these to keep or discard certain prompt elements according to your needs. We often find that leaving the technique or style descriptions produces great results without need to reference artist names.

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